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You Are Not Alone

Therapy offers a safe space to be yourself without fear of judgment or rejection. Therapy with Osbourne Hurst, can connect you with a compassionate and understanding therapist who will assist you in rebuilding all your relationships, including the one with yourself.




In What Area May I Assist You?

We offer various services designed to fit your specific and unique needs. Let's discuss our plan of action today!

Psychological Services

I offer professional help to those who need either simple advice. or require psychological treatment

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

CBT is a type of psychological treatment designed to help individuals identify and modify negative patterns of thinking and behavior. This type of therapy is aimed at improving mental health and promoting well-being by addressing problematic beliefs and distorted perceptions that may be contributing to emotional distress and other difficulties.
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Solution Focus

Solution-focused therapy can be effective in treating various issues that specifically affect men. While the therapeutic approach itself is not limited to a specific gender, it can address specific challenges that men may face. Here are four examples of issues that can be treated through solution-focused therapy for men:
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Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy can be effective in treating various issues that specifically affect men. Reality Therapy is a therapeutic approach that focuses on personal responsibility and making positive choices to improve one's life. While it is not exclusively tailored to men, it can address specific challenges they may face.
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Our Counseling

Therapy is An Investment in Your Life. I offer a free 30-minute consultation to help you explore whether we would be a good fit. All payments will be collected prior or at the beginning of each session.

Initial Consultation

30 min Individual Session

Meet and Greet

Let's understand you

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Per Session

60 minute session
$90 - $100

Personal Individual Counseling

Pastoral Counseling

Couples & Marriage Counseling

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Monthly Sessions

2 sessions per month
$170 - $190

Personal Individual Counseling

Pastoral Counseling

Couples & Marriage Counseling

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Personal Coaching

60 minute session
$150 - $250

Individual Coaching

Accountability Accelerator

Pastoral Coaching

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What our clients say


Osbourne has a gift that reaches the heart of men in a sincere way. He is open with his knowledge and straight forward in his delivery yet caring with his words. One thing about Hurst is that he is helping all of us to move to the next level and heal where we are. I love the Brother!

Bernard Grace, New Rev. On Da Block

Osbourne stepped in and created an opportunity for me to bring what he calls the “Mini Motivation” to my after-school students who are mostly at-risk male students. He created motivational topics for me and he also made time to speak with my students. He can reach youth at their level and inspire them through engaging and meaningful conversation.

Dr. J. Sebastian Anderson Founder/CEO, Anderson Preparatory

Los Angeles

Osbourne Hurst is an engaging and anointed teacher. God is transforming men’s lives through his powerful preaching and mentoring ministry. I have closely observed Rev. Hurst’s work with federal inmates and have seen lives changed. Without a doubt, you will be motivated and inspired to be your best self!

Navy Commander P.K. Ray

Rev. Hurst helped me when I was going through ministry woes! From family to church to life issues, my big brother as I call him stepped in and provided me with the guidance and mentorship I needed to validate my self-worth capture my truth in my calling.

Rev. Zach Somerville

As a young man struggling to make sense of my failures and missteps. My “Big Dog”, that’s what I call him, helped me grow up, man up and fess up! He inspired me to develop a plan and follow it. His “Rescue, Rebuild, and Restore” mission is real. I am living it now, give “Big Dog” a call that’s all! Real Talk.

Brandon Bolden

A powerful presenter of the Word of God, knowledgeable and strong in doctrine. He is a hidden gem that needs to be used in ministry of healing and restoration. His transformational teaching is needed today!

Rev. Johnny Mclemore

After ministering alongside Chaplain Osbourne Hurst for the past 3 years, I can confidently say that he has a heart for our men and women in uniform. Chaplain Hurst has an ability to connect with our troops that is inherent, and puts men and women at ease. I am truly thankful for his ministry.

Chaplain, Major David M. Daus, DMin, BCC

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